When is the best time of year to move house?

Most house moves are dictated by the time it takes to sell your property, to find, agree a price on and exchange contracts on your new home, and then your chain remaining in place to allow you to complete. So if you’re in the lucky position of being able to pick when you move house, you’re in the minority!

The best time of year to move house

Removals companies - when are rates cheaper?

Most removals companies are less busy in the late spring or just after the summer holidays, so if you can pick and choose when to move, these are really the best times of year. Removals companies’ rates are likely to be lower at these times, whereas as weekends, the rates are likely to be higher, as are the associated costs for renting crates and removal van hire.

If you have school-age children, consider moving during the school summer holidays, as this gives the children time to say goodbye to friends and adapt to their new surroundings before starting school again. If they’ve had a few weeks to get used to their new house and start to think of it as "home", it’ll be easier for them when they start the new school year and make new friends.

If you do have a choice, try not to move house over a big holiday period such as Christmas. Prices will be higher and also the weather can affect the likelihood of damaging your household belongings due to slippery or wet conditions. Also if you are moving some distance, travelling will be much harder for the removals company and yourself.

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