12 top self storage packing tips

Clever packing to save space is an art for regular self storage customers.

Stacking belongings in a storage room is like a puzzle - with cheaper rentals as the prize for solving the problem.

Keeping valuable and fragile items safe is vital, but making the most of the available space keeps costs down and makes belongings easier to find when they are needed.

  • The first step is investing in good quality packaging materials – most self storage facilities have shops selling boxes, bubble wrap and the like.
  • Mix and match box sizes to what’s going to go inside them.
  • Keep the heaviest items in the smallest boxes for ease of retrieval.
  • Often, a box alone often isn’t enough because the contents will fall through the bottom, so double tape the tops and bottoms.
  • Underfilled boxes cave in when something is stacked on top. Have some ballast – tissue paper, polystyrene pellets, air bags or smaller boxes - handy for filling up cavities that could leave you with an unstable stack.
  • Overfilling is just as bad. Make sure nothing is too heavy to lift safely and without injury.
  • Access to stored property is only as good as your inventory. Label or number boxes and keep a list of what’s where at home.
  • Keep the things that are most likely to come out of storage close to the door of your unit and at the top of stacks.
  • Fragile items should be well protected with bubble wrap or tissue paper which should be securely wrapped round the item with tape.
  • Anything that can rust or suffer dirt damage should be thoroughly cleaned and, if appropriate, oiled to keep everything in working order.
  • Consider dust covers for any exposed fabrics.
  • Make use of any extra space in furniture you store – fill the drawers with small items – but wait until it’s in place before it’s weighed down and use bubble wrap to protect surfaces from chipping.

If you have any top storage tips, post them  here as a comment to help other self storage renters.

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