5 Business Benefits to using Space Station Self Storage

We are starting to see improvements in the economy but we are not out of the woods yet. The successful businesses will the canny ones that manage to cater for the growing demand whilst keeping costs as low as possible, optimising profitability.


So to help you, here are five ways that Space Station Self Storage can keep your business costs as low as possible whilst satisfying increasing demand.

1)    Stock storage

One of the key things about satisfying increased demand is having the stock to meet it. But what happens when increasing your stock holding means getting more space? You could extend; overflow your stock holding areas into other areas of your workplace (of course being mindful that it is still secure and not a risk to health and safety) or you could rent additional premises. With additional premises comes additional business taxes, rent, insurance and staffing to process stock, someone to be around to take deliveries and so on.

In short storing extra stock could result in you having to shell out a whole load more money. Space Station self storage in Isleworth, Brentford, Slough and Uxbridge offer containers or storage lockers to suit the amount of space you need. At Space Station Self Storage we cover business taxes as one single business, saving you the hassle and money of getting storage space greater than you need and having to stump up the additional taxes.

2)    Business archiving

You want somewhere safe and secure to keep the masses or mountains of documents that you, as a business are legally obliged to hold. But have you got the space on site? You  need space that is dry, clean and has some kind of racking system that will make it easy for your to find the paperwork you need when you need it. We have clean dry storage spaces or all shapes and sizes available for your documents. We can even fit racking systems to your storage space for easy document management and storage.

3)    Delivery receipt

If you are out and about visiting clients the last thing you want to do is interrupt a sales call because you have to dash back for another delivery. At Space Station Self storage we will accept your deliveries at our Isleworth, Uxbridge, Brentford and Slough branches so you don’t have to. All you have to do is arrange it with us in advance.

4)    Parcel receipt and storage

And because you never know when that delivery is actually going to arrive (or indeed depart when it comes to waiting around for couriers) we will also take your parcels in for you, or wait around for the courier for just a small charge. To find out more about our parcel service visit our website.

5)    Pallet storage

Sometimes things can’t be planned. That’s why we aim to offer our business clients optimum flexibility. Our pallet storage facilities can be available from within an hour of your initial enquiry so you don’t have to worry; easy, cost effective and flexible!

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