Why 60% of UK self storage space is used by individuals not businesses

Self storage is for businesses only – At least that is the common misconception that many people hold about self storage. It is seen as somewhere that businesses can hide old files they need to keep for legal purposes or stocks that have built up. It may even be seen as a furniture store that businesses can use to make the culling and repopulating of the office more palatable.

keep copies of special documents seperate

But last year only 40% of UK Self storage use was by businesses. That means a whopping 60% of self storage use was actually by people just like you and me that find their belongings are outgrowing their property, maybe they need to ‘streamline’ in order to sell their house or to store things whilst they are away travelling? Maybe it’s a duplicate store for things that are too important to risk keeping in just one place. Whatever the motivation, around 6% of adults in London use self storage and it makes good sense!

Three reasons self storage makes good sense for personal storage:

1)Declutter your home for a healthier life
Cluttering up your home can lead to all sorts of issues. Not only can you not find things and feel constantly that your home is ‘in a mess’ but it can also cloud your outlook. Decluttering is supposed to be as healthy for your mind and body as it is for your home. Sometimes though we need to sense check whether we really should keep something we have been hanging on to. Self storage is a great way to do this because with contracts for periods as short as a week you can just try living without the items you are considering throwing away.

If you find yourself making the journey to the self storage facility at 8 in the morning to get one or two of your belongings back home then this is a sure sign that you are not yet ready to part with them. If, however six months later you still haven’t missed them, you can probably get rid.

2)Safeguarding the important things in life

No, I don’t mean your children but I do mean those things that are not replaceable. Photos from the baby days or old family albums; the family bible perhaps or insurance document copies and valuation certificates. Birth, death and marriage certificates or passports. It makes sense to keep originals and copies of these separate so in the event that disaster strikes and you should lose one set all is not lost.

3)Keeping the things that you love close by.
Sometimes we just need the extra space. Whether it’s short term whilst our children move back in after uni or whether it’s a longer term issue such as a collection that really has started to over-spill its allotted space, sometimes you just can’t bear to get rid of something dear to you. Storing it at a family member or friend’s can enhance the risk of damage from drink spillages, burglary or household disasters but self storage offers a secure alternative with state of the art security (and no risk of hot drink spillages).