Benefits for Businesses storing stock at self storage

Are you an online business owner? Or maybe you are thinking about setting up an online business? Whatever stage you are at, finding a space to store your stock may not be as complicated as you think.


Businesses across the UK are turning to self storage space to help them fill their customer’s demand without committing themselves excessively to shop or rental overheads.

In the past year business use of self storage has gone from 39% to 42%. This could be because businesses are cottoning on to the advantages of using self storage to run.

Gone are the days when setting up a business meant going to the bank and requesting a loan to secure a shop with storage space, maybe even an additional lock up garage or a small warehouse somewhere, then standing in a shop 9-5 hoping people will walk in off the high street to spend their hard earned cash. The combination of the internet and self storage means that pretty much anyone with a spare £100 or more (to invest in stock) could set up a business and trade their way to success – even as a second job.
Using a self storage facility like Space Station gives businesses an efficient option for stock storage.

Cardboard-boxesBusinesses can use storage space that suits their needs…and they can increase the space rented during peak periods to ensure they hold sufficient stock to cover their costs. The units are secure and insured (which is a part of the terms of all responsible self storage providers although at Space Station we will arrange this for you so you don’t have to worry about it).

Self storage units also mean that aside from the flexibility afforded to business owners to adapt their storage requirements to their needs, and business owners don’t have to worry about council tax or business rates as a self storage facility is considered to be a warehouse and therefore the self storage facility covers any business taxes payable.

There are practical advantages to using self storage for your business storage too. At Space Station we will accept your business deliveries for you so that our small business owners can be confident that your deliveries will be signed for and looked after until you are ready to receive them, leaving you to get out and about and continue doing business.

And, whilst last year saw the introduction on VAT to self storage charges VAT registered businesses are able to claim this back. What’s more, if you pay by Direct Debit you can decrease your storage bills further.

For more advice on setting up a small business or an online business you can see our blog Start Selling Online.

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