The benefits of Rola Trac

As a storage space provider, Space Station always try to create the best possible storage conditions for customers. One of the biggest conditions to bear in mind is humidity and temperature, which, if not managed correctly, can have a very negative effect on items being stored.

If you’re storing art, fabrics, papers, electronics, metals, wine, wooden furniture or any other item that doesn’t respond well to moisture or differences in heat, it’s important you store them in a facility that has a controlled climate, and at Space Station, we do this with the help of Rola Trac flooring.

What is Rola Trac?

Rola Trac is a type of temporary flooring that has been designed to be robust, easy-to-place and non-slip. Used for a massive range of purposes, from outdoor events surfacing to creating pedestrian walkways, all the way to providing temporary helipads for the military, Rola Trac is also useful in storage units thanks to its inherent breathability, and ability to hold multiple tonnes of weight per panel.

What are the benefits of Rola Trac?

Rola Trac allows air to circulate underneath the goods stored within storage units. This, when combined with the dehumidification systems installed at Space Station’s locations, ensures optimum storage conditions for a wide range of materials.

The system defends against the poor-quality environment that can often come about when concrete flooring is used. Concrete can often become damp and encourage moisture, so having Rola Trac installed means that the goods being stored won't be in direct contact with the concrete floor, further preventing the possibility of any dampness damaging the items.

Rola Trac is only used on the ground floor of Space Station’s locations where the floors are made of concrete. Upper floors are mezzanine floors with a good deal of ventilation, and therefore don’t require Rola Trac flooring in their construction.

If you are looking for a dependable and climate-controlled location to store delicate items, then Space Station’s storage units are an excellent choice. Click here to get a quick online quote.