Building more bulk storage space at Uxbridge

Space Station's flagship Uxbridge storage centre is so popular with customers that more room is needed.Building work has started on adding a 2,000 square metre four floor extension that will give an extra 200 storage rooms.“Our aim is to provide an all round solution to everyone’s storage problems.” Dave Smedley, area manager, said: “The nature of this extension gives us great scope to respond to differing requirements.”


Initially only the second and third floors will have self storage rooms built. The idea is to keep the ground and first floor for bulk and pallet storage  from customers at Heathrow and the surrounding area.

The ground floor is for large bulk storage for businesses who need mini warehouse storage.

The first floor will be kept aside for pallet storage, suitable for storing standard pallets and euro pallets for either short or long term warehousing requirements.

The building works started at the beginning of July and are expected to take until the end of the year.

Mr Smedley said: “The extension is a great challenge for the company and the staff, but everyone is really excited about it and we can’t wait to get these additional rooms on line so we can start renting them out, especially as the storage centre are is running at more than 85% capacity.”

On completion, Space Station Self Storage at Uxbridge will comprise about 4,700 square metres of rentable space over 800 rooms.

The project should complete by the end of the year.