Business storage makes firm sense

Self storage is an inexpensive and effective solution for a growing business trapped in premises that just don't give room to work. - pallet racking

Moving your excess equipment, stock and documents to a commercial self storage unit creates instant space that you're are paying for anyway that could be contributing towards your bottom line.

Any accountant will tell you that if you have a business space that earns you £x per square foot and a lot of that space is carrying dead weight that produces no income, then packing up all that stuff to free up business space to make more money is a sensible solution if when you deduct the cost of the new storage.

Other advantages of self storage for business are excess stock and business records are still easily accessible because storage centres have long opening hours.

Flexible space means that if you keep spare stock or materials  in a storage container and then sell the lot or use the materials, you can quickly cancel the rental contract .

If you rented additional premises, you would have to enter in to a lease agreement, probably have to fit the and clean the premises out and pay legal costs and a deposit - all costs you can forget with self storage.

Other advantages are that storage centres are designed for purpose with:

  • Drive in bays for easy access
  • Sack trucks, trolleys and fork lifts on hand
  • Climate controlled storage units
  • 24/7 security and CCTV

All of a sudden the relative costs of short or long term self storage against renting or buying premises plus all the add-on costs of managing and equipping the building seem to balance out well in favour of self storage.

In addition to standard storage units, some self storage facilities are available fitted out with pallet racking or archive storage.

Most businesses have a clean, secure and flexible self storage centre within a few minutes drive.

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