Are you a collectaholic?

Is your collection outgrowing Its space?
When we talk about collectors we conjure up incorrect misconceptions of introverts that obsess over the weirdest things, turning to objects rather than people to establish a sense of self but in last week’s new TV series ’Collectaholics’ this incorrect preconception was turned completely on its head.

Don’t hastily scrap your collections they could be worth some money

The programme featured Stuart whose incredible collection of railway paraphernalia, lovingly displayed and restored in a way that demonstrated his deep emotional bond with the railways, wowed viewers. Viewers were then left completely agog when Collectaholic’s presenters Mel Giedroyc (which some of you may recognise for the Great British Bake Off) and Antiques Expert Mark Hill revealed on the programme, which airs at 8pm on a Wednesday evening on BBC 2, that a small part of Stuart’s collection was worth around £70,000!

There’s a collector in us all

If we are honest most of us have a little OCD in us. Whether it be pairing our socks on the washing line with colour co-ordinated pegs or lining up the bottles in your bathroom, we all have our quirks. Sadly most of them are not worth £70,000!

Why we collect things

Collecting starts for many different reasons. Whether it be with a Stanley Gibbons Stamp Collecting Annual as a child, or as in Stuart’s case by being given a piece or memorabilia that is pertinent to your life in some way, people collect all sorts of things for all sorts of reasons.

For some people it’s a control thing, being able to be in complete control and to seek perfection, for others it’s a reminder of days gone past, preservation of something that would otherwise be lost forever. For some the reason goes no deeper than making an extra buck or two.

What happens when our collection becomes larger than life?

Whatever drives these passions, they can begin to rule our lives, overflowing from their allotted space and affecting your living space, relationships or your collection and how it looks. In Stuart’s case he was able to separate out his collections and just sell his petroliana and keep his railwayana collection in one piece.

Keep hold of the things that matter

Maybe, unlike Stuart it’s not so easy you to separate one collection from another and you need to start thinking outside of the box for ways to store the collectables that you are passionate about. Don’t let your collecting rule your life. You can rent storage space from a self storage provider such as Space-Station from as little as £11 per week that will enable you to keep collecting things you are passionate about without ruining your collection with boxes of un-displayed or unpreserved things that you just can’t find space for.

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If you missed last week’s episode, whether you are a collector or not, catch the new episode tonight at 8pm on BBC2!