Declutter your home with self storage space

Self storage has become the cost-effective  solution to compromising on space at home now the recession has made moving impossible for most of us.This is the time of year many families think about moving because they need more room for the children - but even if you could sell your house, getting a mortgage is almost an impossible dream.


Renting a self storage unit costs just a few pounds a week and can create acres of space from the clutter of furniture, toys and stuff we all have piled in to every available corner at home.

If you live in Slough or Brentford, Uxbridge or Isleworth, Space Station Self Storage has four big storage centres on your doorstep.

Sorting out space to rent is simple - just figure out how much room you need, agree the terms and move straight in.

Space Station even has a van you can use for shifting your belongings and a shop with all the packaging materials you need.

Lots of people use self storage as a home extension.

Many keep furniture and personal possessions they don't have the room for at home but feel they can't throw them away for personal or sentimental reasons.

Others keep summer garden furniture, toys and equipment in self storage over the winter - and then swop around with winter sports equipment like skis and snowboards in the spring.

If you decide to give up your storage, then only a short notice is needed.

Upgrading to a bigger space is easy.

Keeping your possessions safe in self storage is better than leaving everything in a cold shed or garage.

Self storage units are climate controlled, dry and clean to make sure your expensive property is not warped or damaged by condensation or damp.

To find out more, just call on 01753 770707 and one of our friendly customer agents will take you through the process step-by-step.

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