Decluttering your home to free up living space

Self storage is a cost-effective alternative to trading up a home for more space.
Many families think about moving to a larger home as children grow and houses and flats are cluttered with lots of things that are too good to throw out but seemingly ever get used.

Sooner or later you hit a limit when throwing stuff away is no longer an option but something has to give because space has simply run out.

That’s the time to declutter. Decluttering means ruthlessly going through your belongings to set aside everything you do not really need or is seldom used.

How to declutter your home

Don’t just declutter living rooms and bedrooms - look at the loft, garden, garage and any sheds as well.

Think of all those expensive barbeques, garden tables and chairs and children’s outdoor toys that are ruined because they are left out over the winter.

They could go in the garage if all those piles of toys, tools and other belongings that might be if use one day had somewhere else to go.

The best way to declutter a home is to sort your belongings in piles -

  • Stuff you use every day
  • Belongings you use every week or so
  • Belongings you only use once a year - like summer fashion, garden furniture and ski equipment
  • Stuff you want but hardly ever use but need to keep - like family souvenirs and mementos
  • Stuff you don’t want or need - old toys, gadgets and furniture that just takes up space

Keep everything from the first two piles at home.

Box the belongings from the last third and fourth piles and work out how much storage space they will take.

You’ll probably find for a few pounds, you can hire a room around the size of a large shed or garage that will take all these things.

The fifth pile can be sold or dumped.

Self storage is a cheap and flexible option

The end result is your home has more space for the stuff you really need and the storage room cost is a lot cheaper than having to move to a larger home.

Making more space at home has lots of benefits for the family.

Cleaning and decorating is easier, the place looks and feels bigger and everyone has more room for themselves.

Meanwhile, all your belongings are safe and secure, ready for when you need them

Quick solution to storage problems

Self storage is a quick and easy solution in the short or long term.

Many families think of self storage as an indefinite arrangement  that keeps belongings safely out of sight and out of mind.

This covers families needing more space to live and others like overseas workers who do not have a base in the UK.

Others just put their things in to storage for a few weeks to create some space for a family event, decorating or perhaps while an extension is under construction.

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