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Do we own the UK’s oldest piece of office equipment?

Our office shredder was around long before anyone had heard of Google, Facebook or Twitter – in fact, it was even around before the Internet itself.
But it’s still alive and kicking in our office – we use it every day without fail – and we have done since 1990.

Nowadays most documents are stored electronically or in ‘the cloud’ but have we become too reliant on technology to delete our old information and
private documents? Are we the minority when it comes to using old fashioned, slightly dog-eared office equipment? Or do other workplaces look past
modern features and fast processes too?

When you shred a physical document there’s no need to worry about data breaches like there is when deleting digital files but have you ever shredded
a document by mistake?! Plus we’ve all come in to contact with a temperamental shredder – they can jam, they can stop half way through shredding,
they sometimes don’t turn on at all. But not the renowned Space Station shredder. Our trusted shredder is a reliable, battle axe of a machine that
rarely needs to be rebooted and never needs an update.

In fact, our “Ideal 3802 A” shredder hasn’t let us down in the last 29 years that we’ve been working together. It’s outlived the Berlin Wall, it witnessed
the birth of the Harry Potter Saga – it’s even seen the presidential election of Nelson Mandela in South Africa. It saw England beat Germany 5-1
in 2001, it saw the last episode of the Friends TV show in 2004, it even witnessed the Queens Jubilee in 2012.

It’s also lived through many revolutionary technological advancements that have changed the way we live and work – but we’ve never left it behind.

Whilst many businesses rely heavily on the fast moving technology that we all have access to in current times, here at Space Station we know it’s more
important than ever to keep and dispose of confidential information properly – and that’s why we’ll never give up on our good old fashioned shredder.