Document self storage for business

One of the key laws of business is all available office space will soon overflow with papers and files endlessly topped up from the document tsunami that engulfs a growing firm.

Offices are soon knee-deep in bills, receipts, purchase orders, statements and marketing materials flooding in from customers and suppliers.

The problem is sorting out what to do with all the paper.

Why businesses need clutter-free offices

Scanning and storing electronically may work for some, but it’s impracticable and time-consuming to handle every piece of paper this way - and the originals still need keeping anyway.

Other business records need storage for up to six years for the tax man, legal purposes or just in case.

Meanwhile, rules dictate offices should not present any health or safety risk to workers, so managers have to keep them clutter free.

A successful business can soon outgrow space that seemed huge and unnecessary when the venture started.

Many businesses find secure, clean self-storage is a cheap and flexible solution to their needs.

The main storage need for an office is somewhere to keep sensitive business documents.

Commercial self storage solutions

Businesses need secure storage to keep prying eyes away from commercial secrets, to comply with data protection laws and satisfy the tax man if accounts are queried.

Document self storage offers the solution for any business - from a one-man band up to a small enterprise. Storage rooms come from the size of a small shed up to hundreds of cubic feet, and it’s simple and quick to change up or down.

Storage space is flexible - store documents in boxes or fit out the room with filing cabinets or racks.

Business self storage features

Some key features to look out for when considering business storage are:

  • Security - You need to know sensitive information is save under lock and key. Check out site security like CCTV, intruder and fire alarms, and room access.
  • Clean and dry storage - Paper kept in storage rooms without air-conditioning can deteriorate from condensation resulting from extremes of temperature
  • Access - The storage facility needs to be open when your office staff are at work

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