Don't move for more room - check out self storage

More space is one of the main reasons home seekers want to move - and they are willing to pay more than £10,000 more for a home with extra room.

Three out of 10 home hunters revealed a quest for a bigger home is spurring them in their search for the right property, according to a study by Santander Mortgages.

Only living closer to work is a stronger influence in the choice of a home, with a third (33%) of all home buyers stressing the importance shorter time commuting is to them.

Roomier property is so important that home buyers would willingly pay up to £10,212 extra on the price of a property for the privilege.

The surprise is some of these home seekers have not checked out their local self storage centre.

At a fraction of the price of moving home and a lot less stress and hassle, a secure self storage room can swallow huge piles of belongings and free up almost endless space in even the largest home.

The bonus is the owner or family can stay put, keeping friends, schools and neighbours rather than having to start again somewhere else.

Even paying £50 a month for self storage would take 17 years to eat up that £10,212.

Decluttering at home is the new moving house. A ruthless tidy up will reveal rubbish that should have been thrown away years ago and all that stuff that just collects throughout a life that is too good to throw away but is rarely used.

Add to that seasonal gear - like garden furniture and sports equipment - and clearing out at home makes a lot more space that could be better used by a growing family.

Secure self storage is cheap, clean and dry.

Most families can afford to keep a lot of their belongings safe and sound, under lock and key in self storage, while they just get on with lives in their new found space.

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