Family secretly lived in a storage centre for five years

Social workers have taken six children in to care who were living with their parents in a secure storage unit for five years.

The father - a maintenance worker at another storage facility - refurbished the storage room with electricity, air-conditioning, cable TV and the internet as well as fitting a kitchen and bathroom.

The family were home-schooled by their mother, who claims the storage centre manager at Houston, Texas, turned a blind eye to them.

This is the latest in a series of people found living in the storage units.

In California, a woman slept overnight in her storage locker. She sneaked in and out of the storage centre at opening and closing times. On nights when she was locked out of her home, she slept in a public toilet near her workplace.

One family crammed so much in to their storage locker in Phoenix, Arizona, that the door would not close.

To keep the room secure, they put a sofa across the door where their teenage son slept every night. The practise was stopped when the storage facility caught fire one night and was destroyed.

The teenager escaped without injury.

Staff at a Washington state secure storage centre found they had a lodger when a woman asked if she could have 24-hour access to her rented space.

A man standing behind her piped up: “You mean I could have 24 hours access when I’ve been jumping the fence every night.”

On inspecting his 5 foot by 10 foot locker, they found a bed, hanging clothes and refrigerator hooked up to the electricity supply.

While another self storage firm in Washington DC has so many customers trying to sleep in their rented lockers they nickname the site ‘Micro Hotel’.

The latest tenant was a teenager who had her clothes and dog along with sleeping bags in a storage locker.