Finding room to breathe with self storage space

These days it’s difficult to get a cat in a flat with you, let alone swing it when you have moved in some furniture and a few must-have possessions, but some enterprising people have found a novel way to create some room to breathe with self storage space.For less than the cost of a night down the pub, some people fed up with no room at home are renting extra space at their local self storage centres.

space station self storage - disorganised boxes

These people are using their storage units as extensions to their home rather than a home for unloved or unused clothes or belongings.

You don’t have to move to improve

Ria Thomas, 22, pays £84 a month for mini storage to keep her clothes and other personal possessions until she has a job and a place of her own while her friends let her stay in their flats.

She often pops in to change on the way to a job interview and has bumped in to other jobseekers doing the same.

Dance teacher Aideen Donaghue, 23, has the spaced in her storage room to stretch her legs. She rehearses in her storage facility to save shifting her stuff around and losing more valuable living space in her already cramped flat.

Eddie Graham, 27, who works in retail, goes to his storage unit to play his piano. He moved it in to storage when he moved back in with his parents when he couldn’t afford a place of his own any longer.

Lots of storage space within easy reach of West London

These examples show that self storage is more than just a dumping ground, but also has practical use.

Other renters at storage centres in and around London included pensioners looking for some quiet who have set up reading rooms or a place to listen to their favourite music.

If you are looking for some extra space for playing a trombone, dancing the day away or just to put your feet up away from the hustle and bustle of the world, Space Station Self Storage has lots of rooms at competitive prices within easy reach of most homes in West London.

To find out more, call 0800 131 3614  or go take a look at our special offers.