Free Self Storage - for a limited time only

It’s not often that you get something for free in life. So when you can you should grab it with both hands.

sit back and sip your mojito when you take advantage of our free storage offer

It’s no surprise therefore that our free summer storage offer* is being taken up like hot sunbeds on the Costa Del Sol. However, we do still have some availability so if you want to cash in and get 8 weeks storage for the price of 4 you still can. You have to move fast though as it’s for a limited time only.

Whatever your self storage needs, you can save on cost

Whether you are moving house and need some more space, have family to stay and need to reach the spare bed, or whether you are boosting your business stock on the run up to Christmas, you can take advantage of our summer storage offer so long as you call and reserve your storage unit before the 14th September.

There are a selection of sizes included in the deal so check availability for units in the deal when you call. When you commit to a storage unit for 8 weeks you only pay for four of them with our free summer storage offer.

Give us a call and quote ‘Summer storage’ and you can sit back and sip your Mojito whilst we do the rest.
Payment must be by direct debit but we can even sort out your insurance if you want us to.

Self storage questions?

If you haven’t used self storage before and have a few questions then check out our frequently asked questions. If you want to know how to pack your storage unit so you can access your belongings then we have an infographic that will help take the pressure off the planning. And if you are in the process of moving house and want to take the pressure off you can check out our PDF moving house checklist to make sure you don’t miss a thing with your house move.

*free storage for new customers based on 4 weeks free self storage when you book 8 weeks of storage.