Garden self storage grows in popularity

Many gardens become playgrounds and outside dining areas during the summer - but all those bulky and expensive toys, tables and barbeques need keeping safe over winter.

The problem is few modern houses have the storage space for everything that just lies around the garden in the good weather.

But as the darker evenings arrive, along with rain, frost and even snow, those parasols, tables and chairs, slides and a whole host of other stuff needs a home until summer comes around again.

That’s where self storage comes in.

Flexible contracts mean homeowners can book the space they need at short notice.

Simply work out the space you need, move the stuff in at the end of the summer holidays and forget about it, knowing everything is safe under lock and key to the spring.

As soon as the weather changes, nip down to your self storage, move your stuff out and cancel the contract until you need the space again. Simple. Hassle-free and cost effective.

The added benefit is expensive garden furniture and toys are kept in good condition away from the bad weather.

Poor storage can be damaging for machinery and it’s a worth while exercise giving everything a good look over before driving to your storage centre.

It’s an ideal way to check mowers and the like are in good working order. Any machinery you consign to the self storage facility should be given a good clean and oiled to avoid rust. Be sure to drain petrol from fuel tanks before you lock the door.

Clearing out bulky tools and furniture to self storage also frees up space in the garage for the car, which means no deicing when you are running late for work in the mornings.