Have you got a million dollar comic in self-storage?

Most people aren’t lucky enough to have a $1 million mint condition of a Batman or Superman  - but lots of Space Station Self Storage customers have boxes of books, papers and comics in their storage rooms that are just as valuable to them and need looking after.

Batman and Superman comics

The latest original Marvel superhero comics have just gone to auction in New York – with Action Comics #1, the first Superman issue selling for $1 million. Days later Detective Comics #27 in which Batman made his crime-fighting debut sold for $1.0755 million.

Comic book prices are steadily rising – up between 15% and 25% in the last two years - as the result of Hollywood churning out a seemingly endless series of superhero movies – with new Green Lantern and Spiderman releases later this year.

You never know, one day, someone may come across a similar hidden treasure worth a million dollars stowed in their self-storage room.

Self-storage centres are better than the Bat Cave for keeping comics safe and in good condition.

First, the ambience is just right with a climate-controlled temperature that cuts out condensation and damp by eliminating extremes of heat plus a sunless light that cuts out bleaching of coloured inks.

Storage centres are the ideal home for documents, books and comics

To be ultra safe, those extra special comics need protection in an acid-free paper wrappers that are available from specialist suppliers online.

Comics should be stacked flat rather than standing in boxes with the same size comics on the stack so larger print sizes don’t flop over smaller ones.

Don’t forget storage centres are secure as well as the ideal home from documents, books and newspapers of all kinds, not just comics.

Document self storage is ideal for business as well as personal self-storage customers. Businesses need to keep customer details, VAT, payroll and financial information to comply with the Data Protection Act and tax regulations.

Keeping paper archives or business records in a self-storage centre frees up valuable space at home or work and is certainly cheaper than adding space at a house or moving business premises.