How businesses benefit from self storage

Businesses need room to grow and self storage is a cost effective way of freeing up dead space for profitable use.

Space that could otherwise earn money is often under piles of overflowing stock, out-of-date equipment or sprawling document storage.

Not making use of expensive space does not make good business sense and if more room is needed, especially temporarily, renting self storage is often more cost-effective than moving premises.

Pressure to rent business premises in the busy west London M4 corridor close to Heathrow adds a premium to rents - so businesses can keep costs down in towns like Slough, Uxbridge, Isleworth and Brentford by opting to expand in to flexible self storage.

Proving the case for self-storage is simple - accountants will calculate a return on sales in pounds per square foot to see how premises contribute to the bottom line.

It’s easy to see that the cost of self storage beats renting extra premises while freeing up space that lets a business run more efficiently.

Self storage is also flexible and demands little commitment from the renter. Storage facilities are there when needed, and simple to cancel when they are not. Service contracts cover cleaning, maintenance and security so budgeting is simple, taking away the worry of hidden costs.

Long opening hours that coincide with trading mean self storage is available when required - and some commercial storage has 24/7 access.

Businesses can also arrange specialist add-ons like racking for pallets and a fork-lift on site.

Self storage is ideal for small businesses needing room for seasonal stock or with local sales reps who need to store samples. Archives for business document storage are also a popular use of self storage space.

Space-Station Secure Storage centres are located to take advantage of good transport links and offer plenty of parking for vans and lorries.

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