How to beat the big freeze with self storage

If your garage looks like the local rubbish tip because it's stuffed full of bikes, garden furniture and other things you think you might need at some time, then now's the time to think about self storage.

While autumn is with us, the first frost has yet to strike and if you don't want to spend another winter morning shivering in the dark and freezing cold defrosting your car, start sorting your garage now so you have room to actually park your car inside. - garage rubbish

Just take a mental stroll along your street and count up how many people actually park their cars in their garage instead of press ganging the space for overflow storage - and how envious they will be as you drive to work in your frost free car.

Not only won't you have a freezing car to sort out before work every morning, but you will find your property will fare better in storage than the garage if you take a few basic steps.

After all, going to work is depressing enough for most people without the defrosting ritual.

Pick a self storage centre that has climate control - that means you don't have to worry about damp. If you are stowing away metal belongings - like barbeques and bikes, just give them a once-over wipe with some cheap oil to make them rust resistant.

You'll probably find that if you pack sensibly and clear out the rubbish as you go along that the exercise is really worthwhile.

Basic self storage is not cheap - and the payback is not having to scrape the ice of your windscreen and then sit on the drive until the windscreen clears.

You never know - if we have a bad winter what you'll save in spray de-icer may make a big contribution to the cost.

If you have something larger to store out of the bad weather, like a boat or trailer, many modern self- storage depots have drive in containers that will take them and the rest of your stuff as well.