How to clear out your wardrobe for spring

Is your wardrobe bulging at the seams? Perhaps it’s time for a good sort out. But sorting out your wardrobe is never as easy as you think it will be so here are a few basic rules to make those few hours as effective as possible.

Time to tidy your closet for Spring?

Firstly clear out all those odd socks.

Put them in a bag or basket and store them out of sight for a week. After each load of washing, pair any socks you can and return the others but after the week is out get rid of them!

Throw out any ‘every day’ clothes that you haven’t worn in the last year.

If you haven’t worn them in the last year there’s a reason - even if it’s just because you don’t feel confident in it. And if there’s a reason, that reason isn’t going to change so stop hanging on to the past and get rid of it.

Try on all of your clothes and throw out any that are too tight or too small.

We all have a tendency to hang on to our favourite garments in the hope that we will squeeze back into them but in doing so not only do we clutter up our wardrobe, making it more difficult to find great items easily, but it can also affect our ability to appreciate our own body shape and find the confidence in which is the key to true beauty as you will have a continual reminder of your changing body shape.

Get rid of greying T-shirts and undies.

These we hang on to because ‘there’s really nothing wrong with them’ but wearing old and greying clothes never looks good as even the best made clothes lose their shape and colour with wear and washing.

Remove clothes with holes, even those fifteen year old t shirts that you can’t imagine living without.

...You will feel liberated as a result!
Usually these are garments that we have made emotional attachments to and can be the most difficult to get rid of. However, the only occasion we should ever wear them is around the house when we are in need of times of comfort. If you can’t bring yourself to get rid of all of these clothes then maybe allow yourself to keep just one favourite item.

What to do with clothes from your clear out


Recycle /send your unwanted clothes to a charity

– You can recycle clothes that you don’t want to keep. Many schools and charities will provide bags for clothes donations. The clothes then get sent to a sorting depot where good quality clothes will be resold and those that aren’t good enough will be recycled into other things. A great solution for greying undies and holey clothes...and the charity or school you donated you clothes to will get some money to support their cause!

Upcycle clothes you have an attachment to

– You can upcycle clothes to modernise them or adjust them to fit. You can see more about upcycling in our infographic. This is a great one for things that you have an emotional attachment too. Be creative. Just because it started life as a T shirt doesn’t mean it has to serve a life sentence as a piece of clothing!

Store clothes that could come back into fashion

– I would never suggest that you get rid of everything. Particularly those statement pieces that either regularly come back into fashion such as denim jackets and denim skirts or investment pieces. The genuine Louis Vuitton’s, the clutch bags go round and round like revolving doors just waiting for the perfect piece to be paired with. By storing these clothes and accessories safely, well packaged they will be ready and waiting for their time to come once again but store them away from your every day wear and give yourself some space!