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How to move house with a dog

So the time has finally come for you and your furry friend to move into a new house, and begin your next big adventure. Not only is this a fresh start, but you can reap all the benefits of your new place, like more garden space, especially if you’re upgrading to a larger home.

But before you move into your new abode, it’s important to make sure your pup gets settled in too. Here are a few tips and tricks you can do when moving , so that your dog is comfortable in their new environment.

Dog appeasing pheromones

Pheromones are chemical signals that dogs release and can function as an ‘invisible communication’. For example, a dog appeasing pheromone is a special type of pheromone that’s secreted by female dogs after they’ve had puppies. This scent is to help their puppies feel safe, secure, and comfortable.

When you’re moving into a new home, you can purchase plug-in diffusers or dog collars that contain the dog appeasing pheromone, which creates a calming sensation for your pooch. If you’re moving into somewhere new, make sure you do this 24-hours before, so that when your dog is exploring their new home, they’ll experience the full effect.

Stick to the same routine

Another great trick to make sure your dog stays comfortable in their new home is to follow to your usual routine. By sticking to the same walking, feeding, and resting time, it will provide them with a greater sense of security and control over their new surroundings. Simply put, it’s trying to make it appear as normal as possible, so your dog won’t grow worried about the change of scene.

Clean your new home

Although this may seem obvious, cleaning your house ensures that your home is free of any germs, clutter, and improves the safety of your dog. This will allow your dog to feel more comfortable when they do get the chance to explore your new home. As most dog owners know, dogs are super sensitive to scent, so double check that everything is clean and tidy at ‘dog height’, so they can settle in much faster.

Leave your dog with someone

On moving day, it can be quite hectic for many people. This is because items will be moved and your home will look very different without all of your belongings there to give it that homely feel. That’s why when you’re moving house with a dog, it may be a good idea to leave them with a family member or friend for a few hours. This not only enables you to focus on moving out, but it also ensures your dog doesn’t become stressed by the upheaval.

What’s more, when the time comes for you to move into your new property, try and leave your dog with someone if it’s possible. This gives you a chance to properly organise your home, create a space that your dog will recognise and feel familiar in, with items such as the sofa. Once you’re all moved in, allow the dog to explore your new property, this is a great opportunity for them to get settled

How long will it take for your dog to adapt?

Continue to follow these tips and slowly but surely, you should see an improvement in your dog or puppy’s behaviour. It may take up to a few weeks for them to feel 100% secure in their new environment, but this also depends on your dog’s temperament.

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