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How to prepare clothes for a storage unit

Take a peek inside your wardrobe or chest of drawers and chances are you’ll find a selection of clothes you don’t really wear anymore.
They’re good quality, nostalgic and may even fetch a healthy fee at a vintage fair in time, but right now all they’re doing is taking up space. The solution?
Store them! Here’s everything you need to know about putting away clothes pre-storage.
Wash and iron
If you’re not sure if the clothes are clean, be sure to wash them before putting them away. After all, how many times have we had to purchase some Vanish
to deal with the unwanted nuisance of stubborn stains?
Dry them, then iron any items displaying creases. This will save you further effort when you lovingly withdraw them from storage.
Put them away
Effectively swat away any chance of vermin or mildew affecting your clothing by resisting the temptation to put items in plastic bags or cardboard boxes.
Think twice about vacuum sealing too because some natural fabrics require healthy airflow to keep their structure, so a long period of vacuum could damage
them. This also applies to packing. Place the heaviest items at the bottom of the container so they don’t squash lighter items requiring more air.
Instead, place the clothes in air-tight plastic tubs that are lined with clean cotton sheets. If the item is worth a lot of money or has sentimental value,
store your items in acid-free, air-right boxes that are lined with acid-free tissue paper. Not only will this stop the potential release of storage
material chemicals getting into your clothing, it’ll also give you reassuring peace of mind.
Mothballs can be used, but a fantastic less toxic alternative is wooden cedar balls. Take time to separate these from the clothing towards the top of the
storage container.
The right environment
To successfully guard against the threat of clothes degrading with time, store your clothes in the centre of the storage area as big shifts in temperature
or humidity can hamper their quality. Place clothes away from draughts and vents where fluctuations in temperature can occur, and a stable, low humidity
is also key. Fear not however because your clothes are in excellent hands with Space Station taking care of both of these factors.
If you have any questions about storing your clothes with Space Station, click here to get in contact with our staff.