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How to prepare musical instruments for storage

For many, musical instruments are a big source of joy and passion – and are cared for in kind. But even if they’re not being played, instruments require
special attention and care, especially when they’re placed in storage.

If you’ve got an instrument or two that you’re thinking of putting into storage – either for greater space or security – here’s everything you need to
know about keeping musical instruments in tip top condition.
Clean and prep
 All instruments need to be cleaned and prepared correctly, prior to being stored.
  • Clean and polish the instrument using the appropriate cleaning product – oil and alcohol should never be used on wooden instruments, and musical cleaning
    cloths should be used instead of regular, household ones.
  • Disassemble where appropriate. This means removing reeds, mouthpieces and straps; relaxing strings and drum skins; and disassembling any other part
    of the instrument that would otherwise be under pressure.
  • Cover the instrument with clean cotton sheeting or acid-free tissue paper and place in its appropriate case. For extra protection against humidity,
    put the case inside a secure polythene bag.
  • For large instruments such as pianos, cover the body and legs of the instrument with a large cloth to protect it from dust. 
Storing the instrument
Take the time to place your instruments adequately when storing. All instruments should be stored off the floor on pallets or shelving, as the biggest
fluctuations in temperature occur at ground level.
What’s more, they should be kept away from doorways, vents and any other space that could produce a draught. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re storing
with Space Station, of course, given that our facilities are temperature and humidity monitored at all times.
You should always insure your instruments. Easy, given that insurance is available for purchase on-site.
When it comes to removing your instrument, be sure to clean and tune it before playing – it should sound just as good as when you left it!
If you have any questions regarding musical instrument storage, simply click here to contact us today.