In Winter You Need Somewhere Safer Than Houses To Store Your Keepsakes

The nights are getting chilly and with an icy snap forecast and speculations of a long cold winter you need to think about keeping your home storage areas safe from the cold and frost. Burst pipes are no fun and every year someone we know suffers.

What do you keep safe in your home? Most things will spoil if soaked in water, whether it be jewellery, your record (or stamp) collection, or all those priceless photographs taken before the digital era of times long gone but not yet forgotten. You put them in the attic to keep them safe but so how safe are they really?


Your house has pipes running through it, getting water to the important areas of your home in order to keep you and your belongings warm, but when you go away do you like to save a little bit of money by turning the heating off? If so you could be playing Russian roulette with things that are special to you special belongings and life time collections.

It is important to be mindful of the temperatures in your home if you are going away. Most homes will cope with not being heated for a few hours a day but problems occur when home owners go away over the winter period. Your house not being heated for a sustained period will result in the temperatures of your house dropping and you risk your pipes freezing.

Water expands when it freezes, cracking the pipes. Often though, until the pipes thaw - either when the weather warms up or when you return and put the heating on, the damage will remain unseen. When the pipes do thaw and once again start carrying water, the fracture will become apparent and you will end up with at best a puddle and at worst a soggy mess in your unseen and irregularly visited storage areas which is usually where these collections, heirlooms and valuables lie hidden.

Sometimes with the help of a good drying out service, a lot of dehumidifying, and sometimes even an insurance claim, your valuables (and loft space) can be restored but it works out cheaper on the insurance premium and also on your nerves to take a few preventative steps to keep the pipes in your home from freezing. Leaving your heating on a low setting overnight or when you go away is one of the things that you can do to help prevent your pipes from freezing. A setting such as 10 degrees should be enough to keep the chill off and keep the water flowing indoors. Good lagging of pipes in the attic or garage and outside areas can also add protection to unheated areas.

Alternatively a self storage facility such as Space Station Self Storage will be able to help you to relax over the cold snap as Space Station Self Storage Containers are kept at an ambient temperature and are dry and secure to keep your belongings in tip top condition all year around.