Keep Your Christmas Parcels Safe and Dry This Christmas

In the run up to Christmas Space Station’s parcel delivery and storage service comes into its own.
It’s useful at any time of year but at Christmas even more so. If your house is anything like ours used to be (before we started the Space Station parcel delivery and storage service) then come November and December, every day the doorbell rings, alerting you to yet another Christmas parcel left on the porch. Whether these are gifts for your family or friends, gifts from family or friends, or essentials to ease the strain of the festive season, you want to make sure that your parcels are kept safe and dry and do not fall into the wrong hands.


Convenience Comes First

Because we like to think of ourselves as pretty decent guys, always keen to help out where we can, we introduced our parcel receipt and storage service that means that for a nominal handling fee your parcels can be delivered to one of our Space Station depots for you to collect at a convenient time to you.

Cheaper than Designated Delivery Day

Storage for existing customers until the end of the following working day is free, then we charge £1+VAT per parcel per day. Non customers can also use the service for just £2+VAT per parcel until the end of the following day, and £1+VAT per day thereafter which (providing you can collect it within a couple of days - and I should mention we are open late) beats hands down typical designated delivery fees at many online stores. We will even notify you by email for free when it arrives, or by SMS for just 50p extra.

Security for your parcel and for your house

In addition to this, you don’t have to worry about parcels sitting on your doorstep, getting wet in this unpredictable wintery weather that we are starting to see, or telling the world that you are out all day, and possibly into the evening too.

Keep Christmas a surprise

Also, knowing your parcels are safe until such time as they can be covertly stashed away until for wrapping, is priceless. The Space Station package receipt service helps keep long sought after gifts away from prying eyes and keep Christmas a surprise.

And if your purchase isn't quite right we will even wait around for your courier when you need to return something too. For more information on our parcel receipt and courier holding service see our web site.