Keeping your belongings safe is down to choosing the right packaging

Choosing the right packaging for the job is essential when it comes to protecting your belongings whilst they are in storage.

Usually there are two main reasons for storing things in self storage:
1)    You simply don’t have the space for it but want to hang on to it
2)    To keep it extra safe and avoid the perils of everyday life.

Either way you want to make sure that your belongings remain damage free and in good condition. That's why it is important to package your belongings properly before you move into your new storage space.

Packaging is much more complicated than you may think. That's how it has become an £11 billion industry. Different packaging has different weight bearing loads, different structures to provide protection where needed and different benefits. Here are a few pointers about what to use, when:

Storing books, picture frames, magazines (unbreakable)
Belongings rattling around in a box can increase the likelihood of damage and breakages. If your belongings fill a large part of the box but you feel that they need a bit more cushioning then use loose fill or poly peanuts. They are great to add protection but they will shift and settle which is why on their own they are not advised for breakable items.

When using poly peanuts (which are available in our store) it’s always best to cover your belongings first with a bag, cloth or tissue paper to avoid the loose fill ‘peanuts’ getting into any open components of your belongings and causing damage. Ensure that you use static free poly peanuts for electrical items.

Crockery, and other breakables
Encapsulated-air plastic sheeting, otherwise known as bubble-wrap is what you need here. Wrap your breakables first in print free tissue paper and then cover with several layers of bubble wrap. Wrapping with more than one layer will help provide further cushioning, particularly around vulnerable edges and corners. Bubble wrap also wins bonus points for its versatility as it can be cut to any shape or size.

Clothing and textiles
A great way of keeping these clean and dust free whilst still reducing the amount of space they take up is by using vacuum bags. Pop your garments in a bag and use your vacuum cleaner to suck out the air and watch the amount of space your fabrics take up reduce drastically before your eyes.

This is always tricky as it is not like you can pop it in a box and away you go but there are still things you can do to minimise damage to your furniture. Wrap any exposed wood with bubble wrap. Use parcel tape to seal the bubble wrap but do not tape directly onto your furniture.

Use dust covers or a woven furniture blanket to provide optimum protection to the bulk of upholstered furnishings such as chairs, mattresses and sofas. You can secure these with some string- not too tight, mind! Finally, for any exposed corners use foam corner protectors to protect the item you are wrapping and everything else from annoying scratches.

Ensure that your boxes are sealed with tape to keep out dust and dirt and avoid things falling out of the boxes when they are being moved in to or out of storage.

Last but not least don’t forget to label up! This helps you to find what you need when you need it.

If you  need any more information on packaging your belongings for storage we have storage stores at each of our facilities in Brentford, Uxbridge, Slough and Isleworth with help on hand to give you any further advice you might need.

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