Keeping sports and hobby gear safe in self storage

Sports and hobby equipment is expensive and is easily damaged or stolen when left in an insecure shed or garage.

Some enthusiasts invest small fortunes on this specialist gear but often neglect to take good care of it away from the water park, golf course or ski slope.

Sports and hobby equipment is made for action but can take up a lot of living space and deteriorates when banished to the garage.

Self storage helps keep this valuable, much-loved equipment safe and ready for action - not only for individuals but for small clubs as well.

Self storage is the answer - equipment is available when needed as most storage facilities have long opening hours.

Store rooms are dry, clean and secure, so everything is kept in good condition while security is a top priority as well.

Most self store centres are monitored by CCTV, use a pin code system for out of hours access and allow only one key to each room – which stays with the renter.

A far cry from the flimsy lock on a garage or, even worse, a trailer parked on the drive which is simply crying out for a passing thief to pull up and help themselves. In self storage, your possessions will be protected and insured, it’s all about peace of mind.

Anyone with a passion knows how that interest can grow and with it comes the added gear, the new and improved extra and more space to store it all. Self storage can keep everything needed for a much-valued hobby together and ready to go and it’s a bargain too.

To get the best out of self storage takes a bit of thinking ahead. No-one wants to return to a rusting hulk where once stood a gleaming £10,000 jet ski. A few pounds on some oil and some free elbow grease will make sure your gear comes out of storage in the same condition it went in. Paying a little extra for a climate controlled room can help keep delicate moving parts in order.

There are rules and regulations though; storing a vehicle with a tank full of petrol is off limits for very obvious reasons.