Let self-storage take care of your valuables  

What’s the most valuable thing you own? Is it an ornament or heirloom? Antiques or fine art? Perhaps a collection of medals? Whatever it is, these prized possessions, usually with a unique combination of monetary and sentimental value, will likely be totally irreplaceable.

Whether displayed proudly in the home, or stored secretively in the attic, there is always a risk of theft no matter how well protected they are at home. There’s always a risk of damage, too, particularly if you’re moving house or redecorating. Whatever it may actually be if the worst does happen, no amount of insurance cover can truly replace what you may have lost.

Although it may seem counterintuitive to relinquish responsibility for your valuables to someone else, a self-storage unit could be an ideal alternative for keeping them safe. A clean, safe unit in a facility with state-of-the-art security would surely provide any priceless possession with the protection it needs? You might be surprised at how little the service can cost, too.

You could safeguard fragile favourites against the hustle and bustle of a move or renovation by putting them in storage while the heavy lifting or painting takes place. Even if you’re just heading away on holiday and are worried about the possibility of a break-in, keeping heirlooms in storage under lock and key could provide the peace of mind you need when you’re trying to relax!

Alternatively, if your relics are gathering dust in the loft rather than out on display day-to-day, a storage unit will see valuable items benefit from the added security from theft, as well as damage from damp. On top of that, it also frees up some extra space in your home!

If you do make the decision to store your valuables in a secure unit, make sure you pack things safely to ensure they do receive the protection they need. Different items and materials need different storage techniques to take the best care. Breakables will obviously need safe packaging – go for bubble wrap and tissue paper over newspaper, as the newsprint could leave marks. Make sure they’re adequately cushioned, rather than rolling around in the box!

Valuable clothing should be stored in garment bags, or carefully folded in boxes, to prevent damage. Package metal with a few drops of oil to keep it shiny and functional – another good trick is to use flannel bags with silver particles that can help protect metals.

It should go without saying, but it never hurts to remind people that the heavy stuff should go at the bottom of the pile, and never in a box that can’t support its weight when you try to move it! Secure everything with tape to keep dust out too.

Make sure you pick the right unit, too – one that’s well-lit 24/7 with plenty of CCTV to deter thieves. On-site security is also ideal! These simple tips should make sure your valuables stay safe, so you don’t have to worry.