Living a minimalist lifestyle (with self storage)

In the modern consumerist world, most of us spend our time trying to acquire more and more stuff. But do you sometimes feel that you are spending too much time looking after it all? Organising it, maintaining it, cleaning it, storing it away, making it accessible… 'stuff' can soon start to take over your life.

Living a minimalist lifestyle (with self storage)
What if we did away with stuff altogether and lived a minimalist lifestyle?

Minimalism doesn’t have to be white walls, bare floors and little else; it can be more a matter of prioritising what is really important. For example, books. You can pare a large book collection down to a chosen few, or you can get rid of the lot and put them all on a Kindle.

Minimal decor could mean removing paintings you no longer like, ornaments you’ve never really liked and gifts from people you can’t even remember – leaving you with just the things you actually want to be surrounded by, such as a treasured picture and a lovely rug that you could never notice because of all the clutter. Living with less stuff not only frees up space, it frees up your life so that you can focus on the things you value most.

But where does all your stuff go?

Look at any interior design magazine or TV programme and the words ‘storage solution’ will be used foremost among their ‘top tips’. But, just because your stuff is out of sight, doesn’t mean it is out of mind. And it isn’t even really out of sight – it’s on top of the wardrobes, in the garage, in the attic, in the cellar, on shelves, in cupboards, under beds… it’s still there!

So, how do you remove stuff from your home so that it is out of the way, but still there in case you want to re-prioritise the contents of your home?

You guessed it, Space Station Self Storage provides storage solutions that will keep your belongings safe, secure and out of the way until they are needed. Leave your stuff with us and enjoy the extra room and stress-free simplicity of a minimalist home.