Make your house move easier with self storage

Most of us recognise moving house is stressful - but it’s fair to say most of the issues that lead to anxiety arise from leaving packing and organising to the last minute.

People who move a lot are like those enviable frequent fliers who can pack a fortnight’s clothes in to their hand luggage. They have a lean and mean packing regime that leaves no room for stress because their routine carries them through.

The same approach makes moving house a lot less stressful - especially if you shift some of the clutter in to self storage before moving day.

Most people know they are moving at least a month in advance, if not longer, but wait until the last few days to start putting their lives in to boxes for moving.

Start your packing countdown at least four weeks before the big day. The first task is listing an inventory of what’s in each room - especially those out-of-sight-out-of-mind storage places like the loft, under the stairs and the garage.

Next go through the list to cross off what you don’t want to keep. Palm off what you can as ‘gifts’ to friends and relatives, see what the charity shop will take, become eBay’s new number one seller or cart the stuff of to a car boot.

The rest is rubbish and goes in a skip.

Now, you should only have stuff you want to keep at home. You will hardly use some of your belongings, so put these to one side with that sofa or dining table that you don’t want to bin yet as they just might go in your new house.

Rent household storage space for this stuff. You will have enough clutter at the new house without piles of boxes packed with things you might not need for a year.

Think of domestic storage as a safety valve for that moving house stress.

Self storage rooms are cheap, clean and handy when you need something quick because they generally have long opening hours in the evenings and weekends. You can rent self storage space for a week or months at a time, so you can leave your belongings safely packed away for as long as you need.

A storage facility in the UK can often help out with packing materials and a van to help with the move.

With time to sort through your belongings and your overflow safely locked away in storage facility, a lot of house removal stress evaporates.

Instead of wasting time shifting all that stuff you don’t need on moving day, self storage gives some room to breathe.

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