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Making room for Christmas

Having guests to stay for the holidays is all part of the festive tradition – whether it’s grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles or long-lost friends.
And while it’s great to be able to share food, drink and company with your nearest and dearest, they all need space when they come to visit.
In the festive season, what with Christmas trees and decorations, piles of presents and overflowing fridges, room is often at a premium already – so here
are our tips for maximising your living space this year.
Out with the old, in with the new
Christmas is as good a time as any for a clear-out. With all the new items you’re anticipating to have, it makes sense to take old toys, games, ornaments
and clothes to your favourite charity shop. Not only does this free up more space for you and your guests, it’s a great way to get into the spirit
of giving!
Get sleeping spaces sorted
If you’re low on sleeping spaces, remember blow-up beds are a quick, cheap and convenient way to turn any flat floor surface into a serviceable bed. As
well as providing a comfy place to sleep, they can be deflated and easily stored away for next year. Swapping out sofas for sofa beds is another good
way to get more out of your furniture.
Tackle the kitchen
House guests plus Christmas excess means you’re going to need a lot more room for food than usual, so take this opportunity to have a good clear-out of
your fridge, freezer and cupboards. We’ve all got a few jars of mayo, old multipacks of crisps, dented old tins and so on that have been hanging around
for far too long: bin anything that’s out of date and for anything else, eat it up or give it to charity.
Organise your storage
If you have loft space, cupboards or basements for storage, now’s their time to shine! Take the time to box up all the things you won’t be needing for
a while and label each box clearly, making the most efficient use of your space and making it easier to find later on at the same time.
Use a secure storage facility
Have you got items taking up space in your home that you won’t miss for a few days? Maybe you’ve got big pot plants, boxes of toys, a huge DVD collection,
tools and appliances that you don’t want to get rid of, but haven’t got room for when there are guests staying too. No problem – at Space Station,
you can rent extra storage for as little as a week at a time. What’s more, with our self-storage calculator,
you can make sure you’re only paying for the space you need.