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Making space for a new family member

When you have a baby on the way, there’s a million and one things to think about – but perhaps most important of all, you need to ensure there’s room for
a new member of the family in your home.
Our recent survey revealed that first-time parents spend up to £1,500 preparing for their new baby – that’s a lot of new furnishings and baby equipment
to fit into your home!
It can be a challenge, especially if you’re short on space – but here at Space Station, we know more than most people about how to do a lot with a little.
Here are our best tips on how to free up more space for your new arrival.
Embrace multi-use furniture
Every time you buy a new piece of furniture for the baby, think about whether it can serve more than one purpose. A crib with a changing table is a perfect
example, and one with built-in storage space (for nappies, baby wipes, towels etc) is even better. The more functions you can fit into every piece
of furniture, the more extra space you can make for yourself.
Similarly, flip-down furniture that folds away neatly when not in use can be a godsend, along with collapsible baskets and hampers or booster seats instead
of high chairs.
Think vertically
If floor space is limited, it’s time to make the most of your walls. Floor-to-ceiling shelving is perfect for baby books, toys and other bits and pieces,
and if you don’t like the look, just hang a curtain to hide it behind. Put shelving up in any awkward nooks and crannies your home has – it’s amazing
how much more room you have once you start making the most of every square inch.
You can even mount baby toys, like an abacus or xylophone, on the wall at little person-level to make a mini activity zone. Space-saving and no need for
constant tidying away!
Plan ahead
When you’re rushed off your feet with a new baby, it can understandably be hard to think much further ahead than the next feed or the next sleep. But thinking
long-term can definitely pay off: at some point your growing child is going to need a bed rather than a cot, they’ll need more room for toys and things,
and they’ll be a little more independent. Think about how your home will accommodate these things and try to prepare accordingly.
Use self-storage
You knew this one was coming, but really: one of the best ways to make more room is to pack up anything you don’t need and put it into storage, where it’ll
remain safe and sound until you’ve got space for it again (in 18 years… just kidding!)
Large items of furniture that don’t get much use, boxes of knick-knacks, old books and DVDs are all prime candidates for self-storage, allowing you to
reshuffle your home around your new arrival – you’ll be surprised how much room you can free up!
If you’re looking to increase the floor space in your home, get in touch with us at Space Station. Give us a call on 0800
404 6969 or drop us a line via our enquiry form and we’ll be happy to help.