Making the most of your self storage deal

Self storage is a cheap, flexible option that frees up space for homes and businesses.

If you are looking for secure self storage in West London, here are some important points to help get the best out of your storage deal.

How much space do you need?

One of the attractions of self storage is that it’s good value but empty space is expensive no matter how little you’re paying for it. Self storage firms usually have a calculator on their website to translate the size of their units into easily understandable capacities measured in packing boxes.

Rooms are measured in square feet, giving the footprint of the space, although you’ll be paying for a space in cubic feet, which is where the calculator comes in. For example Space Station Self Storage, which has storage centres around West London, offers secure rooms starting from 25–50 square feet, which translates as 50 packing boxes.

What are you packing away?

Storage facilities insist on insurance but it’s not a good idea to put personal documents or valuable items in a self storage unit. Check the rules too, there will be restrictions on certain substances for safety reasons, and breaking the regulations could invalidate insurance should something go wrong.

How’s your packing?

Most storage centres sell boxes and packaging materials, but planning and taking a bit of time as you pack will keep everything safe. Remember not to overload boxes overload and make sure heavy crates are double-taped on the base so they don’t collapse when the time comes to move them.

Does it break?

Take advantage of the self storage facility’s shop to buy bubble wrap or tissue paper to keep fragile items safe. Plan as you load your storage room and keep heavy items at the bottom of the pile.

Do you know where everything is?

There’s nothing as infuriating as a stack of blank identical boxes, any one of which could contain just what you’re looking for. Use a marker to list the contents of each box where it can be easily read. If you know something is likely to be coming out of storage regularly, make sure it’s near the door and leave a passage for access to the back of the room.

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