Keep your Moving Day Stress Free with our Moving Day Survival Tips

Because at Space Station we like to take the stress out of your life in any way we can, we have compiled ten moving day tips to make your moving day less stressful whether you have a removal company to take the pressure off or whether you are going it alone.


1)    Create a moving day kitchen box

Make sure this box goes with you in the car. Ideally it should be the last thing to go into your car (except you)  and the first thing to come out. Your kitchen box should contain:

  • Tea/Coffee/Squash - whichever you and your family drink and anyone else that is helping you with the move.
  • Sugar (not so important if you are a squash drinker)
  • Tea spoon
  • Kettle
  • Biscuits or cereal bars to snack on
  • Breakfast spoons, a couple of cups and a cereal of your choice
  • Ideally an insulated sandwich box or bag or cool box with milk and dinner if necessary (see point 4)
  • Pet food if you have any pets joining you that first night
  • If you have a long journey pack sandwiches and water for the journey.
  • If you have children with you ensure you pack lots of snacks and drin

2)    Create a ‘Moving house kit’

  • screwdrivers (flat and cross head) for furniture rebuilding and adjusting, taking things apart to get them through doors and so on
  • Sticky tape
  • Marker pen
  • Sticky labels
  • Spanner
  • Pliers
  • Wire strippers
  • Wrench (you never know whether you will be able to plug your appliances in or whether they will need to be hard wired),
  • Bin bags
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Cloth
  • Bucket
  • Antibacterial detergent (just make sure you keep this away from children)
  • Carpet spot cleaner

3)    Pack an overnight bag.

Often clothing and wash kits are one of the last things to be packed and you don’t want to be opening hundreds of boxes just so you can hit the sack at the end of a long day!

4)    Plan the first evening’s meal in advance.

Either know which takeaway you will buy from, purchase your ready meal in advance or cook up a casserole or pie that you can just reheat. Make sure you transfer any food you cook to an air tight container, and keep any meat or dairy products in your cool bag with some good ice blocks to keep it cool and safe to eat. You don’t know how long it will be until you get to your fridge!

5)    Do an online food shop

Ideally before you turn off your internet connection in the house you are leaving arrange for your groceries to be delivered to arrive at your new house at an appropriate time (probably at least 15 hours after moving in so that you can ensure your fridge is plugged or wired in and working). You will have a lot of unpacking and cleaning to do in the first few days and it makes like easier if you don’t have to worry about doing the shopping too!

6)    Keep the vacuum cleaner handy

Make sure your vacuum cleaner is, with the kitchen box, one of the last things into the car and one of the first out. Even if the cleanest people in the world lived in your new house you may still need to vac up a few dry leaves or a bit of pot plant soil that may have been spilled on the way out!

7)    Send someone on ahead to collect the keys and open up

There is nothing more stressful than leaving your car, piled high with all your worldly posessions in a town centre car park whilst you dive into an estate agents to collect a set of keys!

8)    Have some dust sheets to hand

They can be useful to rest furniture on outside or to avoid messing up carpets inside. Some removal companies will refuse to use dust sheets that you supply due to health and safety but if they do refuse then most will supply them themselves.

9)    Label up

If you are packing, even if it’s just your personal belongings, pack as much as you can in advance, seal the boxes and label them with what’s in the box and what room it needs to go into.

10)    Get the route right

Make sure everyone; yourselves, family helping out, and removals companies all know exactly where you are going. Timings on moving day tend to be tight. You don’t want to lose a couple of hours of daylight when the removal lorry takes a wrong turn. Hard copy maps and/or directions will ensure that everyone stays on schedule, even if they already have sat nav.

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