Moving heavy boxes can be a pain in the… well, back!

11% of the population move house each year and every year 49% of adults aged between 18 and 55 suffer with back pain.

One of the key causes of back pain is improper lifting. It’s easy to think, ’I’m young/fit/used to it - it won’t happen to me’ but it’s when we ignore warnings and lift heavy boxes without thinking about lifting properly that we are likely to damage our back in ways that stop us living life to the full. That holiday you booked – you won’t be able to swim, that new bike you bought- you won’t be able to ride it and as for mucking about with the kids in the garden…forget it!

We spend much of our lives sat behind computers, in front of televisions or walking about, there are few of us that spend our days hauling and lifting. It therefore comes as no surprise that at a time like moving house or moving into self storage when you need to lift heavy box after heavy box you are most likely to put your back at risk.

Here are some pointers on how to move your boxes without risking your back.

#1 Use a trolley!

The less stress and strain you can put on your back the better. If possible tilt the boxes and get the trolley underneath. You may need the help of someone else to do this but if you can avoid lifting the box as much as possible all the better.

#2 Share the burden

By sharing the load and communicating effectively you not only take less of the load but you can also lift with a straighter body making it easier to push up through your legs but we shall come on to that shortly.

#3 Be prepared

A box of books will be heavier than a box of clothes. This will help your mind and body prepare for the weight.

#4 Clear a path

Once you have a heavy box in your arms your vision will be limited which means it will be easier to trip over any obstacles or steps. Lift heavy objects using your whole body, not just your back and arms. Stand close to the item you are preparing to lift. Bend your knees so you are squatting down and take a firm grip. Taking hold of your heavy item and lift up by pushing up through your legs to a standing position, keeping your stomach muscles tight.  Keep the heavy item you are lifting close to your body and look up. This will help you maintain a good posture and a stronger lifting position.

#5 Take your time

Once you are fully upright keep your knees bent and your back straight take small steps and move slowly.

#6 Lift with your legs

Continue to keep your back straight and bend your knees, lowering the heavy object to the floor, reversing the way that you picked it up.

At Space Station there is always someone on hand to help you move your items into your new storage space (and out again). We have trolleys to help you move heavy things where they need to go and we even have forklifts for lifting ultra-heavy loads. If you want some advice on how you can move your belongings into Space Station give us a call. One of our experts would be happy to advise you on how we can help moving your belongings easier.

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