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Moving in together? Here’s how to do it right

There comes an exciting point in every serious relationship when couples decide to take the plunge and move in together, and while sharing a house or flat
with your other half is usually delightful, psychologists say that cohabiting couples are at increased risk of divorce if they eventually marry, as opposed to living together after getting married.

With this in mind, here’s how to start your life as a team on the right foot.
Take stock, save space
When you find a place together, make sure to each create an inventory of the items that you’re bringing to the new home. We accumulate lots of things when
we live alone, and if you’re not careful you and your partner can end up having eight identical saucepans, huge stacks of plates, three TVs and four
wardrobes-worth of clothes. Either stick them in storage with Space Station (click here to see our locations),
or recycle, donate to charitable causes or sell!
Design right
Everybody’s different, especially when it comes to interior style. This is a great opportunity for couples, as it allows you to come together to find ways
of presenting each of your personalities, likes and hobbies in equal parts during the design process.
We would all prefer to live in a house that looks just right to us, so experimenting with mixing and matching furnishings, artwork and shelf decorations,
and having conversations about your preferences, especially with furnishings you use all the time will be time well spent.
Have your own personal space
It’s important to keep some space just for yourself. Relationship expert and author Jane Greer notes in Elle Décor that each partner should have their own place to “get some much needed ‘me time’”. This could take the form of the garden, a man or woman-cave,
a study, or even just a nice spot in the home to relax and read.
Say ‘no’ to tech in the bedroom
Whether it’s keeping one another up due to texting in bed or having messed-up sleeping patterns from watching late-night Netflix, tech and bedrooms shouldn’t
go hand-in-hand. Quoted in the Huffington Post, former
couples mediator Debra Macleod notes that keeping tech away from where you sleep can prevent up to 60 percent of couples’ arguments!
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