Outsourcing business document archives

Outsourcing business document archives to a self storage unit deals with piles of paper generated by a business that can cause so many management and storage problems. The clues can be spotted around many offices and in the worst case result in unsightly boxes of papers piled in corridors and offices where staff spend hours sifting through unindexed crates looking for the document they need.


If your firm has a document storage problem, then a number of issues need resolving -

  • Security - No firm wants sensitive business data leaking to customers or rivals
  • Data protection - Businesses have a legal obligation to secure personal data relating to employees and customers
  • Document protection - Failing to store documents correctly can result in damage from condensation that renders documents useless
  • Access - Financial records and contracts need to be easily accessible
  • Flexible space - As a business grows, so does the need to keep more and more documents that eats in to space allocated to staff, equipment and stock
  • Health and safety - Lack of storage space with documents spilling out in to other areas can result in hazards for employees and visitors
  • Cost - Document storage needs a cost effective solution that does not require expensive uprooting to new premises

Renting a business document archive at a self storage centre can solve all these problems quickly and efficiently.

Security, data protection and document condition are all taken care of easily. Space Station Self Storage has 24/7 state-of-the-art security with PIN code restricted entry, CCTV and alarm systems to take care of security and data protection. The last line of defence is a locked door that only your firm has access through.

Documents are maintained in pristine condition in a climate controlled environment that eliminates the swings of temperature that can cause condensation which damages paper.

Staff can put their hands on the business documents they need as your storage room can have racking installed for archive boxes.

Access is straightforward - Space Station has extended opening hours that cover usual office opening times and more.

Health and safety is not an issue as space is opened up at your premises - nor is cost as you can upgrade to more space as you need rather than rent unwanted room from the start.

The bonus is a business document archive at Space Station extends the life of your business premises by transferring 'dead' storage out of the working environment. This is a lot cheaper than looking for new premises or taking on a lease yourself.

Find out more about outsourcing business document archives by contacting a Space Station consultant

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