Storage, Packing & Removal Guide - Kitchens

This Space Station Self Storage guide is part of a room-by-room guide aiming to help people moving home or using self storage find out how to pack and move their belongings safely.

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If you keep them in a knife-block, wrap them in the block. Any sharp knives, scissors or other kitchen tools must have good protection like bubble wrap around the blades.

Pots and pans

Fill the space inside the pots with other items from the kitchen, and then put the lid on the pan upside down.  Tape the lid to the pan and pack the pans inside a large box. Wrap them in bubble wrap to prevent scratching or rubbing marks.


Any glass items should be wrapped separately in tissue paper. If a glass or vase has a narrow stem, wrap this out to the same diameter as the widest point for protection. A cylinder is easier to pack than an odd shape and exerts less stress on the weakest point of the glass.

China and crockery

Stack plates on their edges rather than flat – they are weaker packed flat and more likely to break. Put padding in the bottom and around the sides of boxes and in the top before you tape up the carton. Save space by wrapping cups inside each other in a stack.

Small electrical appliances

This includes microwaves, food mixers, toasters and the like. Clean the appliances and remove any loose parts, like those inside a microwave. Pack the loose parts with the appliance so they do not get lost.

Make sure the appliance is dry and wrap in bubble wrap to avoid scratches, rubs and dents. If the appliance is heavy, pack it in a box on its own and put some padding around it so it doesn’t shift when moved.

Light appliances like toasters can be packed two or three to a box.

White goods

Many homes have integrated washing machines, cookers, fridges and freezers that are left behind in a move.

If you are moving them, make sure any hoses and electrical cables are disconnected safely and the appliance is clean and dry. Remove any loose parts like racks and oven shelves that might move and tape doors shut so they do not  open and break against other items or hurt the mover.



Packing food is only worthwhile for a short move. Food can go off and rot, damaging other stored items and attract vermin.

Storing wines and spirits

Bottles are best packed on their side rather than standing, especially wine. Check the seal and make sure no bottles are leaking as a leaking or broken bottle can ruin other packed items. Full bottles are also heavy, so pack them in small boxes so the weight does not burst the bottom when lifted.

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