How safe is your self storage centre?

When you have your life packed away in a self storage centre, you really need to know how safe storage really is when the owner's advertise their facility as 'safe and secure'. ..

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Get ready to learn your pack drill

Like most things, packing your possessions safely is an art - so here are some tips to make sure you keep your prize possessions in good condition moving house or while in self storage. ..

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Taking stock of storage for a business based at home

Thousands of entrepreneurs are starting online businesses to work their way out of unemployment or to help makes end meet - but the problem with a successful virtual business is traders still need somewhere to keep stock. ..

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Business storage makes firm sense

Self storage is an inexpensive and effective solution for a growing business trapped in premises that just don't give room to work. ..

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Beginner's guide to self storage

If you have not put your belongings in to self storage before, here are tips to help you through the basics: ..

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Self storage goes showbiz - Hollywood style

If that lager firm was to go in to self storage, then Hollywood Storage Centre is probably the blueprint they would follow. ..

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Booking space for a storage unit library

Two London readers who needed somewhere quiet to enjoy their books rented self storage spaces and turned them in to private libraries. ..

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