The Edit | Autumn 2016

Welcome to the Autumn edition of The Edit – our newsletter for customers and staff

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were welcoming lighter evenings, now the clocks have gone back again and nights are drawing in but we’ve had a busy time here at Space Station and we have lots of news to share with you!

Our HR Manager Sarah and North London Store Manager Kev Wood both did a Sky Dive for Variety, raising over £1000!

From charity sky dives to sponsored spray tans…

As a new corporate sponsor for Variety the Children’s Charity, we have been busy fundraising over the last few months in a bid to raise £20,000, to sponsor a Sunshine Coach.

From sponsored walks, ten-pin bowling, cake sales and bake offs to sky dives and sponsored spray tans we really have organised a variety of activities!

We don’t know who was braver – our HR Manager Sarah and Store Manager Kev for jumping out of a plane to Sky Dive or our CEO Kevin for stripping down to his underwear and having a sponsored spray tan!

So far, we’ve raised a total of £6,336 which is over a quarter of our target.

Look out for more fundraising in the New Year!

View our fundraising page

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How to Store Classic Cars

For classic car enthusiasts, the smooth chassis, fine rims, wide-eyed headlights and sleek leather dashboards of their old-fashioned motors mean a heck of a lot. While we'd love to drive them 24/7, sometimes old autos need to be stored away, and if this is the case, then there are a number of things that need doing to make sure that we're not presented with a heap of scrap when the time comes to fire the engine back up. ..

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How to find great vintage items

Vintage shopping - is there really a knack to it? When you're a newcomer to the trend it can seem like a difficult task to know where to begin. You'll obviously want to get good at digging out the best stuff quickly, so with just a little preparation you'll soon be snaffling vintage bargains left, right and centre. ..

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The Edit | Summer 2016

Summer is here and we’re looking forward to enjoying some warmer weather (fingers crossed!) The days are now longer which means we can enjoy lighter evenings – what will you do with that time?
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The Space Station guide to moving to London

Relocating to London can be incredibly daunting, especially if you don't have family or friends in the city to help. If you're thinking of making the move – whether for work, university, or any of the countless reasons people head to the capital – and are worried about finding your feet, just remember: millions of others have done it before you. ..

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Avoiding injury when moving your belongings

Moving home, or packing possessions up for self-storage, is a serious workout. Plenty of bending, stretching, step aerobics as you head up and down the stairs and, of course, heavy lifting with all of those boxes. ..

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Space Station partners with children's charity Variety

Here at Space Station, we’re delighted to announce our charity partnership for 2016, with children’s charity – Variety!

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Household Hidden Gems

We've all got things lying around in our homes that might look ordinary to the untrained eye, but to a seasoned collector, some of these items can be worth a packet. Next time you're putting things together to go into storage, take a closer look at those old toys and VHS tapes – you could have a small fortune on your hands!  ..

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From the circuit to the storage unit: Alastair Caldwell's story

At Space Station, we're really proud of our heritage as a family-owned company – Space Station was founded by Alastair Caldwell in 1983. Alastair enjoyed a storied career in Formula One before making a massive career leap to the self-storage industry. ..

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Bands: Protect Your Gear

No matter whether you're a professional session musician, touring band, pub gigger or play-at-home hobbyist, we're sure that your musical instruments will be some of the most important things that you own. They're expensive, sentimental, and sometimes even the basis of an entire livelihood, so it's really important to keep them safe. ..

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RBS Supports Latest Acquisition for Space Station

Slough-based, Space Station, has expanded its presence into the Midlands with loan facilities of £1,030,000 million provided by The Royal Bank of Scotland (‘RBS’) to support the company’s latest acquisition in Birmingham. ..

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How safe is self-storage?

Entrusting your possessions to a self-storage unit may raise some concerns – after all, you’re storing valuables in an environment that is outside of your home, which may well feel outside of your control. But don’t worry – self-storage providers like Space Station wouldn’t be around for long if we couldn’t keep your valuables safe! ..

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How much is self-storage insurance?

Family heirlooms, bulky furniture, sports equipment, excess business stock – if there’s no room for it at home but it’s too valuable to throw away, then it’s surely still worth insuring? If you kept it at home, it would be covered by your home contents insurance. But once it’s outside the home, it’s it could be outside the cover.  ..

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You’ve won a storage auction! What now?

Congratulations! You’ve won a storage auction thanks to your astounding bidding skills. But now it’s all yours, what do you do next? Chances are you’re looking to sell on the treasures found within to make a tidy profit, but slow down a minute! There’s a few things you’ll need to think about. ..

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Don’t let storage space ruin your ideal home move

Moving home is one of those necessary facts of life. No matter how settled we become in
a house, flat, bungalow, converted shipping container, mountain micro-chalet, castle, or
whatever we choose to live in, it’s impossible to know what’s coming round the corner
that may mean we have to move. ..

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How Storage Auctions Work

Storage auctions are currently the subject of a little bit of hype. Reality TV programmes like Auction Hunters or Storage Wars arguably make them look a little bit more exciting and profitable than they actually are, so it’s probably worth going over a few of the rules. ..

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Storing paperwork: Simple filing systems for your records

Even though our reliance on computers has become frustratingly absolute, most of us probably have more than a few stacks of paper, box files or fat envelopes full of receipts cluttering up our homes, offices, and home offices. Anyone who has been buried in an avalanche of tax forms at some point in their life will know all too well the importance of keeping a well-organised filing system. ..

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Take your hobbies to the extreme with self-storage

What’s your passion in life? If you’re lucky, it’s something very inexpensive that doesn’t take up much space – but what are the chances of that? Anything that’s really worth doing can all too easily take over your life, your house, or your bank account! ..

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Let self-storage take care of your valuables  

What’s the most valuable thing you own? Is it an ornament or heirloom? Antiques or fine art? Perhaps a collection of medals? Whatever it is, these prized possessions, usually with a unique combination of monetary and sentimental value, will likely be totally irreplaceable. ..

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After some extra income? How self-storage can help

For most of us, the feeling of being short on cash is probably all too familiar on any day of
the month other than payday. But even if you’re lacking in funds, there’s a very good
chance that you’ve got a valuable resource available that you can monetise, and you
probably don’t even know it. ..

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