Parcel Receipt and Delivery Receipt: Which One Do I Need?

There is nothing worse than having to cancel your plans to wait in for a delivery or having to grovel to your boss to explain that you are really sorry but you will not be coming in to work today as you have to wait in for your new stereo…tricky.

That, and because we have lots of space to store ‘stuff’ is why team members at Space Station will wait for your delivery for you. Now, they will of course wait here so as long as your delivery can be delivered to a Space Station branch we will have someone waiting for it.

We have parcel delivery receipt if you  need someone to take delivery of one or two packages but if you are a space station business client and have a delivery from a few cases to a number of pallets our business delivery receipt service can take care of that too.

whether you have one package or a container of stock we can take your delivery in.

Keeping your Deliveries safe and dry

Your belongings will then be stored in a secure, clean and dry room ready for you to collect when you are ready for them. We can send you an email to let you know that your delivery has arrived and for a small additional fee we can also send you a text message.

What does this parcel delivery service cost?

For existing Space Station clients we offer this service free of charge, which includes storing the package up to 24 hours, but for clients that are not Space Station clients already, don’t fear, you too can take advantage of the ultra-convenient service.
We charge a nominal value of £2+VAT to hold your delivery up to the end of the next working day. We can store it for longer but charge a small additional fee for that.

Business Delivery Receipt

Our delivery receipt service is a service that we offer to our business tenants so that they can go about their business and leave us to receive their deliveries. This is a service that Is applicable to deliveries with multiple packages or pallets. However, if you choose to receive your own delivery then we have forklift trucks and drivers or trollies to help you shift your stock.

Save money on collections and deliveries at the same time

And if you have something that is to be collected we can keep that until it is picked up too. We have an agreement with to get reduced rates on collections and deliveries at specified dates and times. To find out more give us a call on 0800 458 24470800 458 2447