Plan Your Self Storage and Make The Most of Your New Storage Space

By planning your storage space and how you will use it, you can get the optimum number of things into your self storage space, maintain accessibility and save yourself money. Here are twelve tips to get more out of (and in to) your self storage.


1) Make a list of all the things you wish to store.
This will help you to organise and plan your space more effectively.

2) Identify particularly heavy or bulky items and team them with lighter or smaller items.
You will need to be able to move and lift these boxes so filling a box to bursting point of making it too heavy to lift probably isn’t a good idea.

3) Use good quality boxes to store your belongings.
Damp boxes that have been sitting in your shed for years will destroy your belongings by spreading the damp, and that is if they manage to stay in one piece and not fall apart first.

4) Pack the boxes:
Box books with their spines facing towards the box opening and ensure they are well wedged with books or other things so they stay standing up. If you don't wedge the books you are more likely to damage them in transit.

5) Having packed up each box add a list of the contents to the side of the box.

6) Close and seal the box
If the list mentioned in point 5 (above) Is short, write or stick it to the outside of the box. If it is a long list then summarise it and write the summary on the outside of the box.

7) Seal the box properly.
If necessary use parcel tape to do so.

8) Store your boxes with the heavier and larger boxes at the bottom and lighter ones or smaller ones at the top.
Ensure that the labels of the contents are on the side facing you. If you are likely to want regular access this should be where you plan a walk way or point of access to each box.

9) Keep boxes you are most likely to need or want nearer to the door of the storage facility.
Consider colour coding groups of boxes for easy retrieval, a red box for Christmas decorations, or for files from HR, blue for finance etc.

10) Use as much of the height of the storage room as possible.
If you have used good quality boxes and adhere to the weight guidance on the side they should be stable enough to stack so you can utilise the full space in your storage unit.

11) Give yourself space
If your self storage facility is a room rather than a locker and you need regular access to all your boxes plan a narrow walk way, just a little more than one box width or length between each row of boxes so that you can access all boxes at any time. (If the boxes are stored with their narrow end to the walkway keep a full length gap between them. If they are stored with the length along the side of the walk way space then a shorter width gap would be sufficient providing you can get down the walk way to access the boxes!

12) Keeping your boxes neatly stacked.
This will make it easier to access your belongings whenever you need them.

Our helpful Space Station teams are on hand to answer any other questions you might have about moving in to your self storage facility. Happy packing!

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