Plan your self storage space to make the most of your money

If you are reading this blog the chances are you are thinking about getting yourself some more storage space in either out Slough, Brentford, Isleworth or Uxbridge branches.Organising storage space for the first time can feel like a big step to take but actually it’s very easy and not such a big step because our contracts are so flexible you really can get storage space to suit your needs and adapt it to suit your needs as they change.


We have branches all over west London and the Home Counties to make access to Space Station self storage as convenient as possible for you. Once you have chosen which branch would work best for you we can arrange your storage facility within 60 minutes of you picking up the phone. You do need insurance but we can even sort that out for you so all that’s left for you to do is pack.

Here are a few useful tips to economise on space and help you on your way:

1) Make sure you label up any boxes that you pack so that you can identify what the contents are should you need to find anything.

2) Pack fragile contents on top of the heavier, less fragile ones and make sure you label them as fragile too to avoid them being stacked at the bottom of your storage space.

3) Familiarise yourself with what you can and can’t store. Fireworks are a 'no, no' as are animals, people, perishable items and hazardous chemicals.

4) Seal your boxes, making it more difficult for things to fall out and go AWOL and more difficult for dust to get in.

5) When packing furniture make sure you protect it. You could wrap some bubble wrap around exposed pieces of wood to ensure that they are kept damage free.

6) If you are storing large pieces of furniture dismantle it if possible. If not possible then use every bit of it as storage. For examples fill drawers and wardrobes. Think of Tetris (well not quite!)

7) If you remove any fixings for furniture place them in a plastic sandwich bag and tape them with masking tape to the furniture they belong to.

8) If you are storing boxes or files leave a walk way for easy access.

9) Store things that you need regular access to close to the entrance of your storage space.

10) Make sure you remove any fluids or moisture from things before you store them. This will help keep that item in top nick and avoid causing damage through leakages to any other items you choose to store.

To find out more about our flexible contracts give us a call on 0800 458 2447.

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