Playing safe with secure self storage

Security is easy to promise but harder to deliver, but if you’re one of the growing number of people taking advantage of self storage for your domestic or business clutter, then you need to know that promise has some meaning.

All self storage facilities should be insured - drive away if you find one that isn’t - but the minimum level of security required for this might not feel enough for you.

Here’s how to spot a really security conscious self storage centre:

  • Look around. It might sound obvious but take a look at the perimeter fencing and a good site should be illuminated – thieves love the dark. Broken windows and other general signs of poor maintenance aren’t good indicators that you can trust your treasured possessions to these people.
  • Some storage centres are staffed 24-hours-a-day, but those that aren’t should at least have some security presence on site or properly monitored CCTV. Ask if the CCTV is recorded too – should the worst happen the police will want something more solid than a watchman’s description.
  • How is access to the site managed when it’s unmanned? A swipe card or a unique personal identification number is common and helps keep visitors down to those who have a right to be there.
  • It’s not just the walls of the main building that need to be checked. No reputable self storage facility should mind if you want to inspect the storage units inside. Are they solid and well maintained too? Look for signs of neglect.
  • The key is key too. There should be only one and it should be in your hands alone.
  • No-one wants their treasured possessions kept safe from thieves if they’re turned into a pile of ash. Check out the fire precautions on site.
  • Insurance should be on your mind too. Many self storage operations will try and sell you their own policy but they shouldn’t have any problems if you extend your home insurance or find your own provider.

If in you have any doubts about security, then check out another self storage centre - then you have a comparison.

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