Six reasons you need student storage when you go to University

Going to university is an exciting time but there are many practical elements that you will need to plan in advance. Will you have enough space in your student accommodation for all your belongings? Do Mum and Dad need to re-use your room whilst you are away? If so where can you safely keep your belongings? Perhaps you have a bike that you need kept safe or furniture that is no longer needed.

Students can run low on space

Your needs for belongings will change massively over the next five years. Some years you will need more stuff than others but if you know these things in advance you can plan for them so let me tell you some of the challenges you may encounter over the next few student years:

1) Security -University accommodation isn’t always the most secure space in the world and sometimes you want to keep things close by that you really can’t bear to lose. Your room has been used before, and unless your locks are resetting PIN locks how can you possibly know that there aren’t additional copies of your key lying around?

2) Space – Often at a premium when you go to University so where should you keep your bike ready for when the weather picks up?

3) Duplicates – Not so often in the first year but certainly in the second or third you are likely to be ‘shacking up’ with your new University pals. The results - duplicates. Duplicates that you don’t want to get rid of as you will almost certainly need them next year or once you graduate, if not before.

4) Gap Year – There’s nothing like a gap year to make you really think about what you NEED to live and what you don’t need but like to have. It’s these ‘like to have’s’ that we want to keep safe so that when we return with the few selected ‘need to have’ items we took with us we can set up our new home, wherever that may be, with our own belongings - those ones we missed when we were away.

5) Holidays – You may find you have to vacate your room during the holidays but taking all your belongings back home is either impossible (if you take the train) or impractical because sometimes there just isn’t enough room for the additional toaster or the new colander.

6) Space - And when your student space is at a premium - and you need to keep last years’ notes close just in case but they keep getting in the way as you have to move them every time you want to sit down.

Your safe and convenient student storage solution

For all these reasons Self storage can be an absolute lifesaver to students – at any stage of their student life and we know how expensive student life can be so we have special student prices for storage at Space Station and our facilities in Slough, Brentwood, Isleworth and Uxbridge.

You don’t have to hire a whole room, we have lockers available too if you just want to store a few bits and bobs and our facilities are convenient for access from the University of Reading, University of West London, University of Roehampton, Brunel University and Henley Business School.