Redecorate and keep the sunshine in your life (despite autumn’s best efforts)

As the evenings draw in there is nothing like looking at the four walls that you will see for the whole winter ahead to make you want to redecorate. It’s been a lovely summer, albeit an early one, and the prospect of the winter can be bleak. You can be forgiven for wanting to inject colour into your home.

Check to make sure nothing has been forgotten

Whenever you do consider redecorating, self storage be one of the things you organise before you get started to save yourself time and inconvenience.

Unleash your creative flair when you decorate your home

Give yourself space to see your room with fresh eyes. It can be difficult to see past all your existing furnishings but by putting heavier items in self storage, you’ll create a blank canvas to realise the possibilities for that space.

Ridding yourself of clutter will give you space to think about colours and furniture arrangements, or decide whether you want to keep the old stuff at all. Clear your room and clear your head so that you can make positive decisions going forward.

Make decorating your home a whole lot easier

Painting and papering aren’t easy. Whoever does the work, you’ll need a clear space. You can do it the hard way and move your furniture to one side of the room, paint or paper, wait for it to dry (not forgetting to wash your brushes, rollers and paint trays in between) then move the furniture to the other side of the room before you start the next area. You could distribute all of the furniture around your home whilst you decorate - that is if you can deal with the constant jumping over things that don’t belong. Alternatively you could pop those bits and pieces in your local self storage facility and liberate your living space whilst you decorate.

Protect your possessions

Of course, whenever you move your belongings around there is always the risk of breakages. Particularly if things are being stepped over or climbed over regularly. Then whenever there is pain there is always opportunity for disaster.

The price of renting storage space is cheaper than replacing your belongings and reduces the stress of redecoration substantially as you know your prized possessions will not get sprayed with white ceiling paint. When you put your belongings into self storage for the duration of your redecoration project you can be confident that the paint has dried before you move the furniture back where it belongs.


What if the decoration process takes longer than you thought? At Space Station self storage we have flexible contracts so if disaster strikes and redecorating your home takes longer than you planned you can just let us know and we can accommodate a longer stay.

If you still have questions about using self storage then check out our self storage FAQs to see whether self storage is something that will help take the stress out of redecorating your home.