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Revealed: Storage hacks you NEED to know in 2020

We have been searching high and low and exploring the internet to find storage hacks and short term storage ideas that everyone needs to know about.

From viral news articles, to Facebook posts, to Pinterest boards, we have revealed the viral tips that Brits simply can’t get enough of.

Some have even been described as “life-changing” and “genius” and these hacks are likely to excite organisation fanatics across the UK and may even convert the messiest and most cluttered Brits to self-confessed storage lovers.

Plastic Bags

One mum revealed her genius hack for storing her endless supply of plastic bags neatly by impressively folding them into a triangle and putting them into a basket, which takes up a lot less space in the house.


To keep the ‘cup’ shape of a bra and ensure it lasts as long as possible, put a pair of socks or knickers inside the cups. HuffPost says you shouldn’t twist the cups under each other because this can damage them and only bras that are non-padded should be folded in half.

Bags of snacks

The internet went into meltdown this month when self-confessed organisation fanatic, Stacey Solomon, shared her genius tactic for storing and display bags of sweets and crisps. To ensure she can see every bag of treats at glance, Stacey has used a curtain pole with rings and pegs to hang the bags of snacks. She told her 2.7m Instagram fans “Cracking up at myself for how happy this made me, why do I love it so much?” Stacey has taken the snack line one step further and has organised the snacks by colour.

Electronic wires

We all know how frustrating endless tangles of wires are – especially when these wires are hidden behind a desk or bedside table. One genius hack for keeping wires organised and in place that won’t cost you a penny is to use bull dog clips along the edge of your desk, then feed the wires through the handles of the bull dog clips. This will ensure they remain in place and reduce the likelihood of getting your wires crossed.

Bed Sheets

A Twitter user shared her clever hack for storing fitted bed sheets, although many questioned how sanitary the advice was. She suggests that two or three sheets can be put on a bed at one time and then, rather than changing them, just take the top one off. Genius, or disgusting?


According to SELF, the most sanitary way to store a toothbrush is away from the toilet and, if possible, inside a cabinet rather than out in the open in your bathroom. This also helps prevent them from drying out, especially if you store them upright. And make sure that when you flush, the lid is kept down, just to be on the safe side.


Having a shelf with tiers in the fridge is great for sauces, according to the Daily Mail, as it will help you keep track of the ones that have already been opened and helps to make sure there is less waste. Having clear tubs with labels in the fridge is also a great hack to keep bacteria at bay, while adding dates so you know what to eat first ensures nothing is left rotting in the back of the fridge.


For many Brits, the change of season means a change of wardrobe, which means storing woolly jumpers and bikinis is a bi-annual chore. Fashion bible, Vogue,tells us to make sure any item of clothing going into storage is washed or dry-cleaned first and that your storage space is moth-proofed with a spray that isn’t full of harsh chemicals. The spray should be directed at the storage space and not directly on to your garments. Finally, clothes should be packed up in categories, which will make it easy when you need to unpack them, and most items should be stored flat – and never use wire hangers!

Winter Blankets

Blankets in the bedroom and lounge are amazing for snuggling up in the winter to watch a movie, but they can become untidy and annoying when they are left on the sofa. Hiding them in storage baskets, displaying them in a log carrier, hanging them on a coat rack or storing in an ottoman are all trendy and stylish ways to store throws and blankets.