Secret collections behind locked self storage doors

Self storage centres are becoming time capsules for nostalgia as collectors pile up classic toys, records and other memorabilia behind locked doors.

Everything from books to Star Wars, model trains to vinyl records are carefully crated and indexed in self storage centres.

Self storage provides the ideal conditions for keeping fragile memorabilia with clean, dry and secure rooms.

A recent survey of self storage users found that toys topped the list of the things we can’t bear to throw away but no longer have the room for at home.

Treasured clothes were next on the list, followed by photographs.

The royals come in at number four with tribute publications following all those commemorative plates. Wedding dresses at number six are, at least, traditional keep sake, unlike the defunct music and video formats that come in at number seven on the most kept list.

Eighth is another modern phenomenon: the hoarding of that precious first mobile, games console or  music player, while the love letters at number nine are a timeless tug on the heart strings. Finally, aging birthday cards came in at number 10.

Internet auction sites like e-Bay, a booming car boot scene and TV shows on the delights of turning trash into cash mean there’s no shortage of ways to offload the baggage of the past. But some of it just means too much, and the boom in the self storage sector as well as smaller homes and more mobile lives are helping to turn us into a nation curating the museums of our own lives.

There are deep psychological reasons for this, learned in early childhood as we watch our parents treasuring our first pictures, shed teeth and every last photograph.

As self storage units – clean, safe and secure; easily accessible, and great value units – have sprung up around the country a brand new supply of time capsules is filling up with those precious memories.